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Review and Guide

Anonymousdownloader.com, Senior Travelers, Italy

29 April 2017

Anonymousdownloader.com had a chance to peep into PulsedMedia system and try to use it just like a regular customer who has high expectations.

PulsedMedia is a remarkable seedbox provider. One of the few exceptional hosting sites. PulsedMedia lives according to what most of their clients want: a fast, reliable and affordable seedbox.

We focused on PulsedMedia SSD 100G Seedbox hosted in Finland that has 100 GiB SSD Disk Storage with 1Gbps/1Gbps up and down link. This is one of their bestsellers at the moment as it offers a lot of essential features like http, https, ftp and ftps and more!

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For an rtorrent installed torrent client, a speed starting from 5.7 MB/s is not bad after all as it slowly yet gradually being raised to an average speed of 10.4 Mbps for the download. Yet during the process of testing, it has been constantly just playing around 9Mbps download speed. The upload speed is also more than enough since the available speed for upload provided by PulsedMedia is 1Gbps; a lightning speed. Nevertheless, the speed is satisfactory as it shows a stable connection. This gives PulsedMedia an edge in terms of constant and stable connection.

While testing the uploaded files are of different file sizes and of a different number of peers and seeds available. As expected, common an smaller sizes finishes the downloading first ahead of the other bigger files.

All in all, PulsedMedia seems to be a good seedbox provider. Indeed, you just need to get a seedbox from them in order for you to judge the performance of their plans offered. You can get a plan by monthly or quarterly, or even by-annually. 

“To protect yourself from getting caught downloading stuff that, all in all, belong to society there is a very low price to be paid. You will need to possess a private seedbox.”

Customer Service

Another best feature PulsedMedia can give is a quick and nice customer representative who quickly respond to the client’s inquiries. One ticket at a time should also be responded well, friendly and politely. In general, their client support is excellent.


One feature of PulsedMedia in terms of software and control panels is their organized and simple client dashboard. They show directly the webUI for torrent client, file manager to download files from seedbox to pc, news, info, irc chat and wiki. Just looking at your control panel, you would know quickly the quota available.

There are a lot of choices from various essential app and another thing is a single restart button for rtorrent. The client can restart it without going thru difficult ssh command lines and the like.

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Set up a PulsedMedia Seedbox

To protect yourself from getting caught downloading stuff that, all in all, belong to society there is a very low price to be paid. You will need to possess a private seedbox.

First, sign up for an account. They are offering a small seedbox “SSD Seedbox 100G”  for 4.99€ a month or 3.99€ if you pay annually. Sometimes they have cheaper packages available you just have to monitor their website. They even have  FREE SeedBox PACKAGES where you can go and test the service before you go and get the real stuff.

After your account is set up you’ll get an email with a link to download PulsedBox. Install it on your computer, open the program, and log in to your Pulsed Media account.

Now you can go and find yourself a torrent to download at your favorite torrent site to your computer. Double-clicking on the file will open the PulsedBox software.

The .torrent file will get queued up and start downloading to your seedbox. (Typically, the servers are located in France or the Netherlands or Finland). The file will download directly from the torrent site to the server in Europe. No files are being downloaded to your computer. If your Internet provider is spying on you they will not see you downloading anything.

After the file has finished downloading to the seedbox server you can open up a program like SmartFTP or Filezilla and download it to your local machine. Your Internet provider will only see that you are transferring files via FTP. They will never see any P2P or Bittorrent traffic coming from your computer.

The best part of this system is that you can use it from anywhere. You could be at the office or a friend’s house or on your mobile phone or iPad. You can queue up files to your seedbox and then download them later when you are at home. Using this method you could download terabytes of music or movies anonymously and your ISP would never catch you.

Anonymous Torrent Download should be a priority for you if you tend to download tons of music, movies, and software to your local machine. So what are you waiting for go and try this method out right now and get yourself a Pulsed Media SeedBox!

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