Anonymous torrent download explained -
Anonymous torrent download explained
MAY, 2017

Know How

Times where better in the past where nobody knew the stuff you where downloading off the internet. Nobody was watching or cared. Things have changed. The movie and music companies pay companies to monitor file sharing networks now.
These companies join the file sharing network and keep track of who is downloading what. If they see you downloading a movie or a music file they will send a report to your Internet provider. Your Internet provider will then send you what is known as a “takedown notice“. This is basically an email saying: “We saw you downloading a movie (or music file) and we demand that you stop.” If you stop sharing the file they will go away and stop bothering you. If you don’t stop sharing the file they will send you more emails. Each one will sound scarier than the previous one. They will threaten to cut off your Internet connection and/or take you to court and sue you.
Dont be stupid use a Seedbox.
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There were times you could get hundreds of these emails and nothing would really happen. But, all that is about to change. The US is working to implement a “six strikes” policy. The MPAA, RIAA and five major U.S. Internet providers have started to warn BitTorrent pirates. You will be given “six strikes“. If you get caught downloading or file sharing more than 6 times they will cut off your Internet connection, reduce your speed, and/or take you to court and sue you for copyright infringement.

To translate that into lame language, the free ride is over! You can still continue to download files but you will have to spend some money to protect yourself. If you don’t protect yourself you could end up spending tens of thousands of dollars in fines, lose your Internet connection, or even go to jail!

“To protect yourself from all that there is a very low price to be paid. You will need to posses a private seedbox.”

What is a “seedbox”?

A seedbox is also sometimes called a Virtual Private Network (VPN). VPN is a private server that is used for uploading and downloading digital goods. It is not the same as a proxy server in that it physically resides somewhere else. When and if you use a proxy server, your Internet traffic goes through a 3rd party service but that means that you are still downloading movies or music to your computer directly. Proxy is being used in this case just to hide your identity. The seedbox (or VPN), on the other hand, completely removes your computer from the process. Check out this graphics:

Go get a Seedbox and be safe no matter what.
Torrenting Anonymously

You well notice how your home computer never connects to the download site directly. And that’s exactly a purpose of the seedbox. Files from the pirate movie, music or game site that you plan on downloading, when added to the queue, are ready to be download from there to the seedbox. Afterward, you can connect to the seedbox and download the files to your computer via FTP.

From your Internet provider’s point of view, it looks like regular Internet traffic. They have no idea what you’re downloading. If any 3rd party company tries to spy on you or trace the downloads to you — it will fail. The best they can do would be to track the download back to the seedbox. And if that gets shut down, you can sign up for a new one.

Another advantage to a seedbox is that you get much faster download speeds. A proxy download might take 2 or 3 hours but, if you have a seedbox, you could see 2 or 3-minute downloads.

There are many seedbox and VPN offerings out there. Some are as low as $5 a month. Others are super-fast, dedicated servers which cost hundreds. It all depends on what you are looking for. A lot of the high-end seedbox servers or VPNs assume that you’re very computer savvy. A great Seedbox site which is easy for beginners (and advanced users) is: Pulsed Media.

If you are still not convinced you better go and read PulsedMedia Review and Guide article, otherviese go and use the link below and choose your desired seedbox plan.


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